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Thread: Lesbian Seductions Vol. 56 - BRILLIANT CASTING!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxxzzzmmm View Post

    and i know what am talking about , i talked to a lot of G/G Fans & GW Fans who used to be a GFF Fans , i dont want to tell you what did they called GFF " which ٌ Really Bother's me"
    Can you share via PM buddy? I'm curious. And thanks for the welcome back, much appreciated ✌😄
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    Quote Originally Posted by xxxzzzmmm View Post
    well i wasn't talking about Older / younger scenes in general Clearly
    i was talking about a certain type of " old models " who's ......
    you know no need for further explanation
    and like i told CL , there is a Reason why you dont see this kind of older models out side GFF ( am talking about the other top 10 studios "

    also i agree a lot of G/G Fans love the older/ younger scenes i cant deny that
    in Fact as i said it a million times before i do enjoy older / younger scenes sometimes " depends on who's the older model " but if i had to choose i will chose young / young every single time
    all am saying if you really have to do an older / younger scenes at least Bring a good looking older model ( which is not easy i know )

    but in the other hand GFF past with too much of older/ younger scenes harmed the Studio's name " things is Getting better now fortunately "

    and i know what am talking about , i talked to a lot of G/G Fans & GW Fans who used to be a GFF Fans , i dont want to tell you what did they called GFF " which ٌ Really Bother's me"

    and welcome Back Blue , Glad to have you back
    You seem to always say that GFF continually use MILFs that are too old or unattractive in their older/younger scenes but I must disagree. Firstly in recent years GFF have mainly used younger, very attractive "older" ladies such as Chanel Preston, Syren, Cherie, Jelena Jensen, Mindi Mink etc. Their have been very few scenes from GFF recently featuring much older ladies. You also need to remember that you may find a particular older lady to be past her best but for many others they are still very attractive. For real fans of older/younger scenes it is also very much about the fantasy and "tabooness". I love the fantasy of a confident older woman lusting after young girls and willing to do whatever it takes to get into their pants. A clear age difference and body type difference adds realism to the fantasy. GFF understand this and that is why they are so good at the older seducing younger scenes. They understand the importance of roleplay. If the scene is about a dominant older woman seducing a shy and nervous youngster then the roles must continue through the scene for it to work. The other studios just don't get that. They produce older/younger scenes with beautiful older ladies and hot young girls that engage in hot sex but the seduction element and the roleplay are pretty much ignored. For those who don't care about that element it is fantastic and I still do enjoy those scenes but I still much prefer the GFF scenes. This thread is about LS 56 and is a great example of how GFF get this right. I particularly enjoyed the Syren/ Scarlet scene. Scarlet is wonderful as the nervous but excited teen and Syren is just as good as the sexy older woman slowly seducing and teasing her. Scarlet is quite clearly hugely turned on by Syren. It is great stuff. Gff are the best at it and that is clearly reflected in their sales otherwise they would not produce so much older/younger material.

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