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Thread: The Art Of Lesbian Anal {Full Review}

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    The Art Of Lesbian Anal {Full Review}

    Part One - Adriana Chechik & Lyra Law

    Part One is called 'Assthletics' and opens with Adriana stretching topless in her bedroom. When she's finished she answers a call from Lyra. They seem to have a some athletic bet ( maybe a race). The important thing isn't about the bet , but the stipulation : as the winner gets to do whatever she wants to the loser. Both fit babes seem confident but it's Lyra who comes out on top.

    Cut back to Lyra's house where Adriana is the loser, but she's ready to own up to taking the L. She wants to get down to it as Lyra proffers a big black strap-on Adriana says she's ready to just do it. Lyra isn't about to rush her big win. She instructs Adriana to take her top off. Lyra massages her rival's tits and licks them before kissing her lips and peeling off her shorts.

    Lyra makes Adriana spit on her hand and then proceeds to rub Adriana. Lyra goes in to lick Adriana and she laps hard and fast. Adriana spreads her legs and says something about her pussy, Lyra says no; all of Adriana is hers just before she tastes her asshole for the first time. We get a good look at this as Lyra licks pussy and ass with penetrating thrusts and rubs vag.

    Lyra wants to be pleased next and Adriana jokes about being so sad she gets to play the sex slave. Lyra lays back on the couch and peels off her pants. Adriana falls on her partner with gusto and gives happy laps to her sex. Adriana moves her whole head up and down hitting clit . She rubs and sucks Lyra's pussy alternatively. This is great looking stuff and Adriana looks real determined as she feasts on a writhing Lyra. Lyra turns around and offers her ass to Adriana for a licking. The camera mostly gets this from a side view but Lyra is visibly very wet downstairs. Lyra pushes Adriana's face into her more.

    When she's satisfied Lyra turns around to kiss Adriana while they are both on their knees where she tastes wet fingers . Lyra pushes her top up to have her tits sucked and Adriana reaches between her legs to rub her vagina hard openhanded. Lyra drools in her pliant playmates open mouth puts Adriana on her back and kisses her more spitting on her pussy and rubbing her vigorously till she erupts with squirt. Lyra isn't shy and dives in to eat the soaked pussy shaking her face in it after two quick blasts.

    Lyra admires the wetness and climbs up on Adriana's face to get licked more. Lyra leans on the armrest and grinds her pussy into Adriana's face to another orgasm. It hasn't been long but both girls look a little winded. Lyra grabs the black toy and feeds it to Adriana for sucking while the rubs put a third slippery squirt. Lyra taunts her friend and pumps her with fingers using her free hand for extra rubbing. Lyra frantically rubs Adriana's pussy for at least a fourth squirting climax remarking on how that hole has been so spoiled today .

    Lyra finally dons her strap on and gets Adriana bent over on the couch. She spits on hey asshole lubing it up before she enters her riding her ass good. Lyra leans over Adriana and pumps her butt. The penetration shots early are pretty great and neither girl has shy interest in taking it easy. Adriana is driven into the corner of the couch and she looks back at Lyra pounding her till she comes. Adriana sucks the toy deep after the first round and Lyra says it's gotta be covered in spit so it slides right in. Adriana then sits on the cock riding it. Lyra reaches around to rub Adriana's pussy at the same time as she bounces. Adriana comes off the toy so she can squirt down on it in Lyra's lap for another harder looking fucking. The girls kiss and Lyra plays with short and long strokes. The camera gets a great straight ahead view of this and Adriana squirts hard again. Lyra lays down on the couch and Adriana sits on the member once more facing her and looking down at her. Lyra grabs at Adriana's throat encouraging her and fucking her pussy this time. Lyra fucks her some and rubs her pussy bringing her to orgasm again. Adriana is halfway between begging for it to stop and begging for more.

    Lyra's toy comes off and she pushes Adriana down between her legs where she tells her she will pay her back for all those times she let her come. Adriana licks, kisses and sucks pussy eagerly making Lyra tremble. Adriana spits on Lyra's sex and rubs it hard pushing out yet another big O. Lyra pulls Adriana to her kissing her forcefully and with lots of tongue . Lyra says that next time they will have the same bet - but the winner gets their loser for a month. Adriana likes this and gets up to work put a final spurt of squirt onto Lyra's body as the scene closes with a last kiss.

    This was super hot! I dare say this was the best GW scene involving a strap I've yet to see. I am hopeful of course that the later scene lives up to this precedent.

    I am often critical of couch scenes for G/G - but I think that strap on fucking scenarios are the one instance where couches don't matter. My previous pick for best GW scene on a couch was w/ Cadence and Sara in The Faces of Alice - and this was harder than that contributing to my appreciation for it.

    I am a huge fan of Adriana , which is well documented in my reviews. To me , she strikes an amazing balance between being fashion model level beautiful , but also being deliciously dirty in her scenes. I loved that she was ready for anything and fully embraced being the sub here.

    By comparison I still haven't seen much from young Lyra Law - but she has some of those can't miss qualities about her sex appeal. She did a great job playing the top when she was fucking Adriana. Though one might think that having a sex slave for an afternoon would involve more edging or depriving her of orgasms I loved that Lyra went the complete opposite way with it and sought to make Adriana come so much she nearly cried for it to stop.

    The scene was just about 37 minutes and while I may have liked it to last longer I think that the hardcore nature of it makes up for that plenty.

    I dunno if the last bit of stray dialog was just ad-libbed on the fly but it made me salivate for the prospect of a sequel - maybe even a mini series from Alan called 'My Month as A Lesbian Slave' . To give variety it might be fun if Adriana won the second time around but I'm all for any continuation possible.


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    Part Two - Carter Cruise & Luna Star

    Part two is called ' My Hole Hurts' and starts with Carter Cruise arriving home to find her rommie Luna attempting to inspect her butthole with a light and mirror by squatting over it. She's been playing with her ass and now it's all sore. Luna tries to hide at first and Carter thinks she's just sexting. Luna comes clean and says she was 'doing all this stuff' and now she wonders if her hole is torn. {owww}

    Carter explains that Luna has nothing to worry about and she'd be happy to look at her ass for her. After some initial resistance Luna agrees. They head to the bed where Luna lays down with her ass in the air so Carter can get a good look. Carter doesn't see anything wrong and offers to get some coconut oil to soothe her sensitive orifice. Carter gently slips a finger in Luna's butt to check it out. Luna admits it feels good and so Carter pumps deeper. The penetration shot or the fingering is very good. Carter keeps working it and Luna clutches her sheets and adding some rubbing to her pussy eventually slipping two fingers in.

    Carter makes a decision to go into Luna's ass with her tongue without warning. Luna is surprised but loves it. Carter goes back to pumping Luna's butt with a finger before going in for some tongue flicking rimming and some fast tongue fucking. Luna moans and grabs Carter's wrist as she fingers her ass and plays with her pussy.

    Next Luna loses her robe and asks Carter to get naked too. Carter strips gladly and goes in to lick Luna who is on her back with her legs up and spread. Carter sucks pussy and fingers ass very nicely. Again the extreme close up gives us a great view of both holes. Carter kisses and sucks the lower lips and Luna stuffs two fingers in her sex working till she comes. Carter rubs her face in it before spitting on the pussy and going in with two fingers again. Carter kisses Luna on the mouth while she brings her to climax.

    Luna pulls Carter into her for more kisses and a little grind then has Carter climb up to straddle her face . The camera gets a great shot of this licking in which Luna's tongue parts Carter's pussy. This is some great aggressive eating from Luna and sounds pleasantly wet . Luna'a licks glance off Carter's asshole here too, though she stays focused mostly on snatch and Carter moans into pillows. There is more clam snacking here and the contact shot is held brilliantly. This is some of the best cunnilingus work I've seen from Luna Star.

    When Carter dismounts the girls kiss more before Luna pushes Carter forward and flat out attacks her butt with a carefree and enthusiastic rimming. Carter rubs her own pussy here while Luna wildly laps ass. Luna wets her fingers and rubs pussy too working a fast thumb though the ass eating remains the main action as Luna tongue lashes her roommate. Carter's toes curl as she comes and Luna moves to clean her, licking both holes in long strokes. Luna works a thumb inside Carter rubbing her hard still not done feasting on her butt. Carter's eyes glaze over as she comes.

    The girls kiss and Luna lays on her back for Carter who goes in for some circular patterned licks and slides fingers back in Luna going for combination stimulation hitting clit and aiming to make her partner come quickly. Carter sucks on vagina getting her mouth all over it and rubbing Luna more. Luna's legs are up and spread and she's digging three fingers in her pussy as Carter penetrates her ass once more with fingers and eats her.

    Carter then lays down as Luna stands on the bed over her and works out a squirt she rains down on her helpful roommate who opens her mouth to catch the wetness. They kiss hard and Luna licks the squirt from Carter's neck. Carter asks if they are more than roommates and Luna chides her for making it weird as they share a laugh and the scene closes.

    This was admittedly a comical kind of setup. It reminded me of an old porn titled My Ass Is Haunted. Still, if you are a anal licking fan this is as good as it gets from Girlsway. Not only are the ass licking segments longer than any I can recall from the studio - but the up close camera work is great and keeps everything in frame.

    Both of these babes put in dynamite performances and showed a willingness to go far in on the rimiobs and that was fantastic. Personally have always liked this particular kink and it was one of the reasons I was really excited to review this collection. Luna really sold her own enjoyment in giving it to Carter too which makes everything that much hotter.

    These two went for quite a while. The scene clocked in at 41 minutes and change with a fast lead in and I liked the surprise squirt to finish everything. It might just be my appreciation of the pairing but they do seem like they could carry on for longer. I would be in favor of a sequel where they are indeed "More Than Roommates".


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    Part Three - Chanel Preston, Valentina Nappi & Serena Blair

    Part three is titled 'Surprise DP' and finds Chanel showering her wife Serena in gifts for her birthday. Serena flashes her ring and opens up a box to find not one , but two strap-ons. At first Serena thinks it's just one for each of them. Chanel says that isn't quite all. Just then there is a knock at the door and Valentina arrives. Serena thanks their friend for coming but thought it was just going to be the happy couple alone tonight.

    When they are all back at the couch together Chanel explains that Valentina is in fact another gift. She knows that Serena has had a crush on her for some time. Serena acts sheepish and shy about this but warms up to the idea when encouraged by her lover.

    Valentina bares her chest offering herself up to the birthday girl. Serena looks back and asks Chanel one last time if she's sure and Chanel kisses her giving consent. Serena turns back to kiss Valentina for the first time. She goes back and forth between partners. Serena's dress comes off her shoulders and Valentina kisses and sucks a tit while Chanel takes the other one. Chanel's dress comes off too amid kisses. Serena trades smooches with both field and moves to taste Valentina's breasts with light licks. Serena's hands drift lower on Valentina and she gently touches her crotch.

    Serena shimmies out of her dress and panties and spreads her legs still with a babe on either side of her. Valentina rubs her pussy and goes down to lick her next, sliding off the couch and onto the floor. Chanel and Serena keep kissing through this and sharing steamy stares. Serena reaches over to rub Chanel who loses her panties. The camera closes on Valentina scoring faster tongue flicks on Serena as she gets back up on the couch and leans over into her lap.

    Chanel leans forward and takes over pleasing Serena with her mouth and slides in two fingers to pump Serena's sex. We see more kissing before Serena lays on her back. Valentina stands up and finishes stripping naked so she can squat over Serena's face. Chanel meanwhile goes down on Serena. Here we see some nice pussy kissing style cunnilingus from
    Chanel as Valentina starts to grind a little on Serena's face. Serena's eating of Valentina looks to hit both holes before a transition into a more conventional 69.

    Chanel gets up to move over and mount Serena's face while Valentina goes down to lick and rub at Serena's pussy. She hits clit with a flicking tongue before topping Serena in a bouncy looking trib. Valentina dismounts to go strap up and Serena makes out with Chanel and then bends forward to eat her and let Valentina tame her from behind. Valentina works in steady rhythm fucking Serena's pussy as Serena happily laps Chanel.

    Chanel gets up after a while to get equipped and comes back over to the couch laying Serena down . Valentina crouches over Serena's face to get licked as Chanel eases into Serena butt encouraging her to rub her pussy. Valentina dismounts and turns to kiss Serena and add her own rubbing to Serena's sex. Serena comes hard moaning.

    Chanel then sits down and has Serena lower her pussy onto the purple member. A few strokes in Valentina approaches from behind and enters Serena's ass. The penetration shot here is good seeing both of Serena's holes get stretched. Serena leans over her lover enjoying the double team. The camera focuses on her moaning face for a lot of this and there's a really cute eye rolling moment when Serena comes. The scene ends pretty abruptly after this with a few kisses to the spent birthday girl.

    This was a fun threesome for sure. I talk about it often but it's hard to get threesome chemistry right. This was helped by the fact that it was a true double team philosophy. Not only was the titular DP the best part - but Serena was the center of attention always and that's a hot dynamic and fits the story.

    I could imagine very good one on ones with all or these combinations , Serena and Chanel seems the most logical of course because they are wives and I'm all for romance scenes. Still, the prospect of either carrying on a little affair with Valentina would be nice too.

    This was a good length clocking in at 45 minutes with maybe 5 for lead in. And again, the couch setting seems to matter less in strap scenes than in other cases.


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    Part Four - Jayden Cole & Maddy O'Rielly

    The fourth and final part is called 'Birthday Play' and finds Jayden giving a nice massage to her girlfriend Maddy who is laid out across her lap naked. It's almost the couple's anniversary too and they talk about what to do for the special occasion and Jayden starts admiring Maddy's ass. She eases the crack open and tries to touch the hole. Maddy gets spooked and says she's not into that. Jayden wants it real bad but Maddy has to build up to it first. She says maybe she'll be ready some day. Jayden is bummed out and gets up to head off to work.

    Later when Jayden arrives home from work Maddy is ready on the bed with a bow around her waist so it sits on her ass. She says she knows that it's what Jayden wants. Jayden is grateful for the thoughtful gesture and moves closer to kiss Maddy. There is a good shot her , with sunlight shot through the windows. Jayden starts to strip her top comes off and she's not wearing a bra. Maddy kisses Jayden's breasts sweetly as the long legged babe steps out of her skirt.

    Jayden peels the bow off and gets on the bed. Jayden wants at Maddy's ass right away but prolongs the tension more by kissing her lips and tits. Jayden lays back and Maddy kisses her way down her body. Jayden's heels come off and she shimmies out of her black panties. Maddy kisses her feet seductively and goes low to kiss Jayden's sex. Jayden hugs Maddy close bringing her face into her chest before laying down again. Maddy's licks are slow and deliberate as she tastes Jayden. I liked the way they looked at each other here. Maddy spreads Jayden and eats her gently but firmly getting her whole mouth on pussy. There are some good slurping sounds here and Jayden tenses up as she's brought to orgasm. Maddy kisses inner thigh bad then lays atop her kissing her neck and lips.

    Jayden puts Maddy on her back and sucks her tits playfully moving downward. She is in a teasing mood and licks Maddy's legs stopping to kiss her feet and suck her toes. Jayden kisses pussy taking her time and drawing it out. She pinches tbd lips and licks them rubbing her knuckles gently in the slit. Jayden kisses pussy prior to clamping down on clam and sucking it. This brings sweet soft sighs from Maddy.

    Surprisingly it is Jayden who gets bent over to be rimmed first. It looks really wet as Maddy adds some rubbing with her thumb. Maddy rims Jayden more abs this combination makes Jayden come. Her toes curl from pleasure and she breathes hard.

    The couple kiss more after this sharing a laugh at Maddy's seemingly new taste for ass. Jayden sucks at Maddy's tits before getting behind her and bending her over. Jayden kisses Maddy's butt before slipping her tongue inside. Once it's wet Jayden starts to ease fingers in Maddy's hole. She works two in and kisses Maddy's crack. Jayden presses and fits a third finger in Maddy's butt. Maddy is proud of herself and turns to kiss Jayden in the final moments she tells her that she loves her.

    This was a fun capper to the film and will be a favorite of the romance fans I think. The end result wasn't hard in the way the other scenes were but it wasn't supposed to be. It was conceived as a first time anal experiment for Maddy and on those parameters it was very good.

    The pussy eating was my favorite of the DVD for many of those same reasons - because it came across loving and sensual. Admittedly I am biased towards Jayden Cole ; she has been one of my favorites for years and I still feel she is criminally underused. I think that Maddy would fall in that same category for a lot of G/G fans so let's hope that they both get a lot more GW appearances.

    The scene was a pretty decent length too, at about 42 minutes with a few for setup. I would love again for there to be a sequel maybe where one or both takes a strap up the ass. I think it would be real hot if the script was flipped a little and we see them sometime down the road where it's Maddy that has become totally ass obsessed and Jayden can do nothing but give in to her appetites.


    Total Grade Average = 95.75 * rounded up to 96% or A+

    Final Thoughts and Suggestions :

    This was a smashing success for what I hope is just the first volume of anal movies from GW ; I know they did some gonzo or 'reality' stuff early on with Girls Try Anal - but I am speaking of the canon 'in storyline' stuff , because that is what I buy and review. I did purchase one of those older movies ( because it had Tara Morgan doing anal) but I found those releases to be too toy centric to really enjoy. Also , I love having a story even if it's kinda silly like scene two. What makes this collection stand out is the variety. The truly hardcore fucking in scene one was scorching hot. Scene Two featured some of the hottest and longest bouts of rimming you'll see anywhere ( aside from some Evil Angel stuff - and Brazilian fetish films. Scene three offered Serena Blair getting overwhelmed in the best way via double team and then scene four wrapped up with a lovey romance scene. That's some well rounded selection and gives this some added replay value. Bravo. An A+ if only just so is still an A+.

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