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Thread: Her Special Day {Full Review}

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    Her Special Day {Full Review}

    Part One - Jelena Jensen & Nina North

    Part one is called "The Wish" and starts with Nina coming to talk with her stepmom Jelena about how she thinks she is deserving of a raise in allowance. Jelena isn't a fan of this idea and suggests that Nina get a job if she wants extra sending money. This sets Nina off because she thinks Jelena just spends her dad's money all day. She goes even further calling Jelena a gold digger. Jelena fires back by saying if she dressed like less of slut she'd find a nice guy. Nina says she wishes her dad never married Jelena. Pissed off, both ladies go to be alone and privately vent ; wishing at the same time that the other could spend just one day in their shoes to gain some perspective.

    When they wake up the next morning they each scream when they found out they've switched bodies for real. They run to each other upset and confirm that it was indeed the wish that caused all this. Initially they try to reverse it with a similar wish and it doesn't work. Now they are are forced to admit they just have to ride out the day. They decide they need to be alone to deal with things.

    Jelena , now in Nina's body is the first to realize what this means as she sits back on her bed and starts feeling her soft skin. She experimentally touches her tits and likes the idea more and more. She then glances down at her shaved pussy and then thinks to draw the curtains and strip down to nothing. Jelena starts to pet Nina's sex and loves how wet it is.

    Cut back to Nina in Jelena's body as she goes to her room. At first she is dismayed and then remembers it means she has Jelena's tits. She pulls her shirt up and starts playing with them a moment before it dawns on her that Jelena is probably defiling her body right then.

    Sure enough , when Nina (as Jelena) runs back to her mom's room she finds bodily self masturbating on the bed. They are both pissed all over again but Jelena (as Nina) decides she's not gonna deny herself this chance Nina ( as Jelena) keeps right on rubbing herself. She says if her stepdaughter isn't going to help her get off she can go right back to her room. Nina (as Jelena) is still resistant but she likes the thought as much as she wants to fight it. * from this point I will now just refer to the models as their proper names and not who they are playing for ease of reading.

    Nina says she knows that her stepdaughter is always staring at her boobs anyway and knows she can pull her into sex. They kiss as Nina pulls Jelena closer to her on the bed. Jelena protests a while but Nina assures her no one will find out. They kiss more and we get very good close ups for it. Jelena is talking about how it feels wrong but can't keep from kissing back.

    On the bed Nina helps Jelena out of her top and tells her how good this will be. Jelena says she's never been with a girl before as Nina moves in to pop a breast in her mouth for a hot sucking.

    Jelena lays back still hesitant and Nina advances on her saying she wants a taste. Jelena says it's too weird but Nina reasons that she just needs to relax and adds that they've already gone too deep to turn back. Nina kisses Jelena and then asks to let her lick her own pussy. Jelena's bush looks good here as Nina goes down for a munch. She spits on Jelena's pussy and shakes her tongue. Nina laps at Jelena more and listens to her partner call her mommy as she comes for the first time.

    Nina gets up and lets Jelena massage her supple tits before sucking them hard. This close up is really good and Jelena pulls at Nina's pert boobs. Next Nina wants to be licked - and so she climbs on Jelena's face. Jelena's laps are deliberate and effective. Jelena spreads Nina and grips hips as she eats. The tongue flicks are all the way in Nina and she reaches back to rub Jelena. Jelena sucks pussy harder and Nina tenses up falling forward feeding pussy to Jelena. Jelena adds a little more rubbing and lip sucking and makes Nina come atop her face.

    Now Nina wants to share an orgasm at the same time and so she straddles Jelena's or kissing her more as she finds a nice steady spot to grind. This was a moderate pace they worked but it made both of their tits bounce nicely. Jelena calls Nina mommy and tells her to go fuck herself being cute and they ramp up till they come together.

    Nina asks if Jelena wants a turn and she says yes, they kiss more in transition. Nina lays on her back and Jelena mounts her starting nice and slow with her grind. Jelena rests Nina's leg on her shoulder for a good angle and goes to work. This is another spot to admire Jelena's bush. Jelena gets lower in the front and then picks up speed. Again there is great bouncing boob action for a lot of this. Nina clutches the bed sheets and Jelena's nipples as she finds rhythm again and the ladies come together. They cuddle and kiss more as things settle down Nina sucks Jelena's breasts more and asks how her first time with a girl was. Jelena says it was good and she quips that now she's officially the stepmom , she is gonna give her stepdaughter the raise in allowance she wanted. They share a laugh and kiss again as the scene ends.

    This was a lot of fun for a concept and was executed very well. It's a send up to body swap comedies like Freaky Friday, 13 Going On 30 or The Change-Up ; essentially all those stories are coming of age tales that give the characters perspective and bring them closer. Really, I think it could've been expanded into a full feature or a mini series to fully show that growth arc.

    For a one off though it still delivers - and the kissing was very good. This isn't surprising with Jelena involved - as the GotY is one of the best kissers in g/g but it does a good job to build the scene up and help the apprehensive nervous feeling melt away.

    If there was anything I would want more of it would be longer cunnilingus sessions - but the scene was over 40 minutes - and that's what I usually look for as the gold standard in production.

    I'm hopeful Alan may try this again either continued in this story or as a sister swap scenario. It has a lot of possibilities inherent in it.


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    Part Two - Mindi Mink & Lucy Doll

    Part two is the title scene "Her Special Day" and stars Lucy Doll in her Girlsway debut. It's Lucy's birthday and she's dismayed that her dad is too busy to spend the day with her. He leaves for a work emergency and so it falls to her stepmom Mindi to keep her happy. Dad has promised that Mindi will do whatever Lucy wants - but has no idea what his little princess will demand. Lucy is bratty and says that Mindi uses her dad for his money - Lucy knows her secret past in porn and confronts Mindi with photos on her phone. Mindi wants Lucy to get to the point. Lucy says that she wants Mindi to do THAT with her, unless she wants the pics emailed to her new husband.

    Mindi relents and pulls her top down showing off her tits. Lucy makes her stepmom come closer and she sucks on Mindi's boobs. Mindi realizes that the neighbor can see. They have to head upstairs for privacy. Mindi is hesitant at first and gets scolded for not kissing like she means it. Lucy forces Mindi to kiss with more passion. Then she wants another taste of Mindi's rack and flicks nipple with her tongue. Lucy complements Mindi's breasts and says she wants to be called princess. Mindi does as she's commanded and kisses Lucy more. Lucy is starting to like it more and pulls off her dress.

    She strips and lays back and makes it clear she wants to go all the way. She says 'this pussy's not gonna eat itself' and directs Mindi to her crotch. Mindi needs assurances that she won't tell her dad about this before she'll submit. Lucy says she won't tell and Mindi moves in for her first taste. The cunnilingus is good right away and features some clit flicking and pussy kissing. Mindi gets her whole mouth clamped down on clam making Lucy moan softly. Mindi also makes an effort to hold some good eye contact here as she eats. We see some lower lip pulling and Lucy wants to be told how good she tastes. Mindi gives circular licks followed by fast laps bringing Lucy to orgasm for the first time. Mindi smiles up at Lucy and kisses her vagina is satisfaction.

    Now Lucy wants to try licking pussy for herself. Mindi tries to dissuade her but gives up when pushed. Mindi lays back naked and Lucy goes to lick her, demanding she look her in the eye as she eats pussy. Mindi's bush looks pretty lush here as Lucy goes down on her. The contact shot could be improved a little, but again the eye contact makes a difference. Mindi has started praising Lucy's skill and beauty to make her happy. Lucy sucks clit like she was taught and laps sex till Mindi tenses up and comes in her mouth. Mindi now wants her bossy girl to eat it all up and favors her with a complement and more kisses.

    Lucy gets atop Mindi and starts to grind her slowly at first. They kiss more during this as Lucy searches for rhythm in her trib. The grind heats up as Mindi rests her leg on Lucy's shoulder and gets more bouncy.

    After this Mindi suggests Lucy sit on her face. This starts as a 69 bit Mindi goes for Lucy's ass with her tongue pretty quickly. Both babes suck pussy well here and we get lots of mmm sounds as they happily eat. Mindi flicks clit and rubs asshole and then is driven to a laughing climax by Lucy. Mindi sucks clit hard and tells the birthday girl to just enjoy it. Lucy comes, and Mindi drives her tongue in to clean her out . After the dismount Lucy turns around to kiss Mindi again and they've dropped all that animosity. Mindi asks how it was - Lucy says it was great not to still tell her daddy that she wants a pony as the scene ends.

    This was only my second time reviewing a Lucy Doll scene and I think it shows marked improvement. She was much less shy here and that was important because her aggressive attitude was what drove the early action especially.

    Somewhat unsurprisingly though my favorite part was definitely Mindi's pussy eating style - which as usual was done with her signature sensuality. The one thing I wanted more of was kissing, although maybe because of the antagonistic beginning it just wouldn't have seemed as natural. The encounter did last a good long while just under 40 minutes.

    In the future I would like to see Lucy paired with another younger model. To this point, I've only seen her with MILFs. That's good of course and with such a tiny girl gives nice visual contrast but sometimes to get a sense of the girl's full personality on camera it takes a variety of partners. Gia Paige , who appears later on in this film feels like a good choice or maybe Samantha Rone.


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    Part Three - Syren De Mer & Adria Rae

    Scene three is called 'Movie Night' and starts with Syren narrating about how Adria initiated a taboo relationship with her after she comforted her when she was dumped. Now, Adria can't get enough of Syren and fucks her whenever they are alone together. So, on family movie night when the girls prepare to watch a movie with Alan between them , steamy looks and caresses are shared when Alan goes to get snacks. For Girlsway fans, they might like to know that the film the start watching is in fact Little Red. When Alan returns to his ladies he brings the unacceptable news that they are out of popcorn. Adria makes it clear that she wants , and needs popcorn to have a happy movie night. Of course it's a ruse and as soon as Syren and Adria are left alone the kissing starts.

    Adria is in Syren's lap at first but soon stands her up and pulls her away to a nearby bed. Syren is now on top of Adria kissing her. They both tease each other and lose their tops. Syren is the first to have her bra removed and Adria sucks her boobs hungrily. Syren returns the favor and pops a whole tit in her mouth for sucking. They kiss more and Adria goes back at Syren's chest with a flurry of kisses.

    They both pull their pants off and Adria wastes no time in diving for pussy with kisses and licks. Syren's panties are moved aside but not pulled off though we still get a good look at direct contact. They kiss more , harder than before and Syren strips the rest of the eat as she advances on a nude Adria.

    Adria's smiles here are super adorable and Syren spits on her sex prior to petting and licking her. The camera gets some really nice looking cunnilingus from Syren who seems incensed as she laps and sucks vagina. Adria moans loudly for Syren and her toes flex and tense as she comes.

    Syren goes back up to kiss her stepdaughter's lips and then pets her pussy again. Syren rubs Adria open handed till Adria reaches over to feel her too. Adria remarks on the wetness there and asks to feel pussy on hers. Syren obliges and mounts Adria humping her good and making her squeal. Syren feeds a thumb to Adria and then raises a foot to her mouth for some kissing and licking before finding her grinding rhythm again. I like the way Adria's boobs bounced as she was being tribbed.

    Syren next gets down on her knees in front of Adria who isn't shy about tasting ass with her tongue and adds some pussy rubbing with her free hand for good measure. Syren obviously loves the running and Adria keeps at it for longer than you normally see.

    Syren gets Adria laying down for a moment but cedes control again to the younger girl who wants to drive the action. The two cross wrists and rub each other while turning in toward each other for more kissing. Adria sucks Syren's wet fingers.

    Adria then bends forward for Syren who rims her good and rubs her pussy at the same time. Syren works clit with her thumb as she eats ass. She then uses fingers from both hands to pinch and rub Adria. She slips her middle finger inside and pumps Adria commenting on her tight sex. Adria's feet wiggle as she comes and she sucks her own leavings from Syren's wet fingers before kissing her again.

    Syren lays Adria down and mounts her for a slow grind momentarily before climbing up on Adria's face for a ride. Adria grips hips and shakes her face into Syren as she feasts. Syren moans as she's about ready to climax. She lifts herself off Adria and fingers herself getting audibly wet. When she comes Adria cleans up good and Syren talks about how she's all over Adria's lips. They kiss hungrily and just then Alan arrives home and calls to his girls. They rush to grab their clothes and get dressed as the scene ends.

    This scene was fire! The best from the DVD so far in my opinion. I clearly need to see more of Adria Rae - this is only my second time reviewing her ( the other being in a recent Lesbian Legal episode ) but her energy was really high and that always makes for quality scenes. I love when a young innocent looking girl is down for anything and Adria's passionate rimming is a good indication of that.

    This also ranks right up there among Syren's best work for Girlsway so far if you ask me. The pussy eating by Syren early was magical. This might not top the scene she did with Sasha in Sharing The Bed - but it's at least on par with that and it was my previous benchmark for Syren at GW - she has great versatility but in my view is at her best with younger partners; she can be assertive like she was in Sharing The Bed , or caring like she was here. Although I love when she goes for her signature leg leg fingering move and just attacks I also flip for those moments when she lets her partner take control because the obvious pleasure she gets is just so hot to witness.

    I also love the simplicity in the story here - it also leaves it open for sequels or prequels to the relationship which is something I love as a somewhat obsessive fan. It's something no one does as consistently as Girlsway or with as much thought to character development. I would love to see that initial encounter. I thought at first that it was one I somehow missed but couldn't find it anywhere. I also liked the little nod to April O'Neil in the open.

    All told a great scene with good kissing and even better licking that lasted a good long while too.


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    Part Four - Gia Paige & Elexis Monroe

    Part four is called 'The Block Parent' and opens with Gia arguing with her dad when he spots a new tattoo. He insists that they talked about her telling him more about her personal decisions. She says that he's only punishing her because her mom left , and that he needs to trust her. She leaves the house upset.

    Next door we see Elexis masturbating Mommy's Girl scenes on her phone.
    Back at Gia's she's again from fighting with her dad about wearing too revealing outfits. She's done getting scolded and runs out. Elexis can hear it all going down and watches Gia leaving. She says to herself how Gia needs a mom and then has an idea suddenly. Elexis looks up how to become a block parent and smiles to herself.

    Later a Elexis is once again playing with herself when Gia sees the sign she's taped to her door and comes knocking. Elexis hurriedly throws her clothes on and invites Gia in for a talk. Elexis is quick to say that Gia shouldn't be around her dad if he's not good to her. Elexis says she's a great mom and Gia asks how many kids she has. Elexis awkwardly comes clean that she has no kids - but is super nurturing. Elexis says that Gia should come live with her.

    This is pretty crazy and Gia starts to see it , but Elexis insists she can't stay at her dad's. Elexis mentions that she would do anything for her daughter and offers to take her on a trip to anywhere she wants to go. Gia has always wanted to go to Hawaii and Elexis says that she'll gladly take her.

    Now Elexis starts insisting on mommy talk and she begs Gia to call her mommy. Gia is hesitant at first, Alexis wants a kiss on the cheek and Gia complies looking a little nervous. Gia says it's getting weird but it only seems to excite Elexis more. Gia admits that she would do anything to go to Hawaii. Elexis makes it clear that she'll deliver the trip if Gia will indulge her fetish.

    Elexis starts to caress her pretend daughter and kisses her more. She wants to know how long GIa has been without a mom, and Gia says it's been so long. This excites Elexis who pulls out her breasts and wonders if Gia missed out on breast-feeding. Gia is ready to do what it takes to get what she wants. Gia favors her creepy neighbor with the nervous smile before licking and sucking each of her tits. Elexis says that was good but encourages Gia to suck Hawaii right out of her. This breast appreciation is very nice as Gia sucks hard stuffing her mouth.

    Elexis says that this is Gia's home now and advances on her kissing her lips and neck. Gia mentions a curfew but Elexis says there will be no curfew with her. She starts pulling at Gia's top and gets better both her shirt and her bra off to taste her boobs. Elexis reaches for her young prey and kisses her hard. Gia is now starting to warm up to the idea more and moans for her 'mommy'. Elexis says that Gia's sorts are perfect and likes it even more when she hears how Gia's dad hates them. Elexis buries her face in Gia's crotch and inhales the scent, talking about how she loves the smell of pussy. Gia nailed the facial expressions that vacillate between confusion and arousal.

    Elexis gets Gia to pull her shorts down and she kisses and nibbles at Gia's butt. When Gia's shorts are all the way off Elexis gets her to lay on her back, again Elexis sniffs her playthings pussy, this time rubbing her sex and inhaling the smell of her panties. Elexis pulls them all the way off for a big whiff and says she'll keep them forever before sharing them with Gia and shoving them in her mouth. Elexis says Gia has to love it like she loves Hawaii and this gets Gia to give in. Elexis attacks vagina licking, sucking and pulling the lower lips. Alexis is positively primal here and sucks pussy with her whole mouth so good that Gia rewards her with some mommy talk. When Elexis eventually pulls away her chin is soaked in feminine juices.

    Gia leans forward to kiss Elexis and suck tits as Elexis removes the rest of her clothes. Elexis then spanks Gia a little. Gia sees that she loves her ass so she turns in toward her and Elexis and lets her massage it good.

    Now Elexis wants to sit on Gia's face and gets a submits laying down to be mounted. We get good camera angles here that capture a lot of tongue pussy contact and Gia isn't shy about really slurping as she pleases clit. Elexis leans into the face ride and reaches back to rub Gia at the same time. Elexis is slick with sweat when she dismounts and grips pussy for a hard rubbing sucking tit at the same time. Elexis forces Gia to stare her in the eye and call her mommy as she comes hard. Gia whimpers a thank you and Elexis feeds her wetness back to her. Elexis licks and kisses Gia's body more.

    Gia decides to get proactive and tells Elexis to lay down. Elexis likes this turn in assertiveness and obeys. Gia tops her in a 69. The pussy sucking by Elexis looks good here and sounds really wet. Gia rubs at Elexis and as she comes off the initial position Elexis admires her ass again. Gia turns to face Elexis and mounts her once more for kissing and tribbing. Elexis' bush looks good here and Gia searches for the right angle and rhythm to work and changes pace a few times before they share an orgasm staring each other down. Of course Elexis wants Gia to call her mommy as she comes. They kiss more and Gia asks how her mommy liked it and they say Hawaii is definitely happening. Just then a shadow appears at the door and it's Gia's dad - who saw her go in there. The credits roll.

    This was another spectacular scene. Elexis Monroe is having a ball doing these perverse mommy roles and it shines through in her performances for GW. I say this is someone who haw always been her fan - but this is still new era for her. No one else consistently embraces the slightly creepy parts so well. You might chalk a lot of this up to acting skills , because they really do make difference but what I've seen from her also touches on the highest points of sexual prowess and it's seen in her electrifying pussy eating.

    Gia also played her part just how I wanted. I mentioned the facial reactions that she displayed throughout the seduction. Her eyes were key to selling the looks and she wasn't reluctant to the point where it felt weird. I thought she really shined in the face ride eating she did and the later tribbing action.

    This was also a good length at 50 minutes long so that even with a little longer lead in we still got 40+ minutes of sex. The little touches like the hard breast sucking and the nearly feral Elexis inhaling the smell of pussy, added to the hotness of everything. By the end both ladies were sweaty and spent in the best way.

    Finally I want to mention again that this is a fun and creative take on taboo. It's a nice hedge for people who aren't into the full on scenario but are intrigued by the soft example - for me it almost comes off more freaky simply because Elexis is so good at it.Fantastic stuff simply put.


    Total Grade Average = 95% or A.

    Final Thoughts : Another super fun collection for taboo fans. I feel like this is one that is so consistent that each of the four pairings could be your favorite. My favorite root idea has to be the body swap from part one - but I love sci-fi / fantasy twists. Part four stood out as the most convincing due to stand out acting.

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    Syren & Adria scene i have watched 3 or 4 times, loved the pairing, the cute and dirty mommy talk and the sex is incredible. Syren is so good in these mommy scenes her dirty mommy talk and her body is insane. Looking forward to her mommysgirl scene with the gorgeous scarllet sage on saturday. Elexis & Gia is a wickedly sexy fun scene (also watched 3 or4 times), love how sweaty Elexis got, her dirty mommy talk was off the charts and her tits are heavenly, milf heaven. Dream pairing would be jelena and aidra, but pretty much any mommy scene with the top milfs who actually get into the taboo nature of the scenes is great for me.

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    Thanks as always Shen, you seem to have agreed with my two favorite scenes. In response to this on twitter both Elexis and Cadence have expressed that they want to be paired up for a messy squirt scene. Here's to hoping the idea gains traction. On an related note - The upcoming GW scene ' Dreams Come True ' was my pitch ; though I don't get the line of credit because I don't have GW membership, still a big Win for me. Initially I had pitched Abella & Riley Reid , and they cast Karlee Grey and Melissa Moore ( still a tantalizing pair by any standard).

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    Congrats on the GW scene looks great, to be honest even though i like Abella & Riley Reid alot (Abella with august ames was excellent as was riley with mindi mink) i like Karlee Grey and Melissa Moore even more ha so good news for me. Watched Karlee Grey with mindi mink scene and Melissa Moore with kimmy granger and kristen scott three-way last night, 2 very good girlway scenes.

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