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Thread: Twisted Passions 22 {Full Review}

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    Twisted Passions 22 {Full Review}

    Scene One - Giselle Palmer & Aidra Fox

    The film opens with Giselle at the front desk asking Scarlett if she can have a separate room. She’s with Aidra but says that Aidra previously ‘tried something’ with her. This made her mom say that she isn’t to sleep alone with Aidra. Scarlett isn’t buying the mommy’s girl excuse and says that she can’t help anyway, unless she can get Karlee to switch with her. Giselle doesn’t think that will do, because she can’t just go foisting a new roomie on either of them. Karlee is in town for cheer and she’s gotten in trouble so that she can’t have a roommate. Scarlett decides that she’s going to solve it by simply forcing the issue out in the open.

    In the room Scarlett lets Aidra know that Giselle is a mommy’s girl. But Scarlett says girls like that always tend to like girls. Aidra agrees that Giselle is probably into that. Giselle stays mostly silent shaking her head. Aidra says that her friend has been with two guys but never enjoyed it. Scarlett says that Giselle needs to free herself by at least giving girls a chance. Scarlett says Giselle’s mom never forbid her from talking about her confusion and that Aidra is the perfect person to open up to.

    Scarlett leaves and Giselle claims she’s never thought about any of the things that Scarlett was talking about. Aidra takes her hand and tries to reassure her. She reminds her that she is her best friend and wouldn’t hurt her. She moves in for the first kiss and Giselle emits a soft sigh. They kiss harder and Giselle swings a leg over to straddle Aidra. Aidra opens Giselle’s shirt and kisses her chest, sucking her tits lightly. Giselle starts to grind in Aidra’s lap with her jeans still on as she has her boobs sucked harder. Giselle pushes Aidra’s shirt up to expose her breasts and leans forward to get her mouth on them. Giselle makes sweet mmm sounds as she really now seems to be giving into desire.

    Giselle squirms out of her jeans and panties quickly and lays back for Aidra holding her leg as up and spread. Aidra pets pussy with her flat hand and works the clit with her thumb before going down to lock her. We get a good close up right off the bat or some tongue to pussy contact. Aidra slides in two fingers to pump Giselle and kisses her lips at the same time. Giselle shivers as she’s pleased and Aidra uses her free hand for extra rubbing and kisses pussy when she sees Giselle is close to orgasm.

    Aidra loses her clothes in a hurry, laying back at the bed and rubbing Giselle’s crotch as she lowers herself to taste Aidra for the first time. Giselle isn’t shy about getting her mouth all over Aidra and she moves in to suck sex. Aidra helps hold Giselle’s hair and Giselle adds digital penetration as she feasts on vagina sucking clit and moaning in pleasure.

    Next Giselle lays back in Aidra’s lap and Aidra gives her bestie a fierce reach around fingering that makes her tremble and shake as she comes. Aidra gets Giselle bent over and approaches from behind where she again uses two fingers to pump her. Giselle adds some of her own rubbing till Aidra leans in and eases her. Giselle is up on one knee to give Aidra a good angle. Her leg spasms as she falls over coming and kisses Aidra.

    Aidra climbs up to ride Giselle’s face and lean into be wall. The shot of Aidra’s butt is nice here and only made better by Giselle’s apparent ferocity as we see her chin moving a lot as she eats with enthusiasm.

    Giselle lays back again and Aidra goes does on her to suck pussy and rub it in combination. The camera is a little shaky here though I don’t blame whoever was operating because Giselle’s tremors are hard to wrangle - especially on this smaller than average bed. In a way I liked the shakiness because it adds to the feverish feel of everything which I find really hot.

    Aidra gets bent over in her knees where Giselle fingers her from behind. Aidra adds her own rubbing and then excitedly pulls Giselle down atop her in a trib grind. Giselle rocks this hard and we see her tits shake nicely. Part of this is shot top close up so we don’t get it all in frame but they pan back out for the majority and the girls trib to mutual climax.

    Giselle immediately goes back in to suck clit some more. Here we get good eye contact and Giselle eats with abandon. Aidra scrams and moans loud for her partner who is practically growling for her. They kiss breathless and Aidra wraps her legs around Giselle. They cuddle and Aidra asks if Giselle is still scared to sleep here smiling. Giselle shakes her head Aidra says I love you. Giselle says it back and they kiss into the fade to black.

    This was a really hot opener. The energy from both girls was off the charts and really went a long way to making what seemed a rather standard setup into something a lot more sexy.

    We’ve seen plenty of these shy girl reluctance themes before and it might seem counter to logic to see the way Giselle just flat out unleashed but it actually came across as more convincing for me that she would be almost silent when questioned and then you see her inhibitions melt first when she starts losing clothes. You don’t need her to verbally say much, her desperate and hungry moans when she first sucks tit and tastes pussy communicate her need in a way that feels like a release of all her tensions.

    Aidra was a great pick for her partner too. I always say that Aidra should be more of a regular on g/g sets because she never turns in a half-hearted performance. She genuinely enjoys girls and it shows in her high tempo style here. I think she might even enjoy making other girls come more than receiving pleasure and with a body as responsive as Giselle’s that makes for a really good match.

    The total scene here was 45 minutes. , counting the 8 or 9 minutes of lead in. That leaves less than 40 for sex - but the full throttle action provided more than makes up for this. Once the sex got rolling the girls never eased up and so they got maximum fun out of every second.

    I would say that the smallness of the bed did get in the way of some shots. Like I mentioned during the tribbing which was otherwise very good. I think the space limitations were what caused the up close shot to cut some of Giselle out of the frame here. The wider angle worked better. Though as gripes go that is rather minor.

    I am such a sucker for the “ I love you “ endings and they always leave me wanting another round and that was definitely true after this romp. I would love for it to be a two parter where Giselle tells her strict and stuffy step-mom once and for all that she’s super gay. Maybe Cherie DeVille for this part? She could seduce Cherie to show her its nothing scary and then take Aidra back to her own bedroom to fuck again officially as an out couple.


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    Scene Two - Karlee Grey & Scarlett Sage

    Scene two starts with front desk girl Scarlett in Karlee’s room. She tells Karlee that it’s best if she doesn’t leave the room tonight because the local mental institution got defunded and right now there are a bunch of crazies being housed at the hotel! Scarlett says Karlee shouldn’t risk being raped or murdered out there. Karlee agrees to stay in the room and Scarlett says she’s going to stay too.

    Once it’s settled that they aren’t going anywhere Scarlett asks about Karlee’s friend Kate. They are teammates but can’t room together. Scarlett tells Karlee that she’s wasting her time with a girl who won’t commit and then advances on Karlee with the first kiss.

    Karlee likes it but says it wasn’t a full kiss since she didn’t know it was coming. Scarlett says that now she does and moves in for a second round of kissing. Scarlett caresses Karlee through her softball shirt and they kiss harder. Scarlett unbuttons the shirt and pulls it off. She then wants Karlee to remove her dress for her. Scarlett keeps kissing Karlee and gets her to lose her bra next. Scarlett squeezes Karlee’s boobs and sucks them good and hard. The eye contact here was really hot and Scarlett had fun rubbing her face in Karlee’s rack.

    Karlee starts taking off her jeans and Scarlett helps her strip down to her panties. Scarlett rubs Karlee through them and kisses her inner thigh teasing her. She wants to hear Karlee ask for it and she does before the panties are pulled off. Scarlett wastes no time diving in and licking her new friend. Karlee’s bush is nice and lush and Scarlett opts for some pussy sucking technique and clit kissing that makes Karlee moan and come quickly. Scarlett keeps licking and Karlee asks Scarlett to guide her to do the same. Scarlett isn’t done yet though and just keeps eating vagina , aggressively lapping Karlee for a second big O in mere minutes. When she’s done she kisses Karlee on the lips so she can taste her own juices.

    Karlee reaches down to feel Scarlett through her cotton panties and they lock eyes. Scarlett whispers to Karlee to get her tongue down there. Karlee is happy to move down and take off Scarlett’s shoes and kiss her feet. She slowly goes up kissing Scarlett’s inner thighs before she peels the panties off and gives them a sniff. Karlee then scores slow sensual licks to Scarlett. She wants to tease Scarlett more and licks her breasts a bit before going back down to taste her pussy again. Scarlett grinds against Karlee’s tongue. There is some nice tongue to pussy contact featured here and more cute eye contact. Karlee sucks clit and we see Scarlett’s eyes roll back a little and her face flushes pink as she comes. Scarlett asks to taste her own come so Karlee wets her fingers and sticks them in Scarlett’s hungry mouth.

    From here we see Karlee top Scarlett for some hard fast grinding that ends in a mutual climax. Tidy kiss more and Karlee gets Scarlett bent over on all fours. Karlee kisses Scarlett’s ass kissing it lightly before rimming it. There is a great close up here early and it looks nice and wet. Karlee kisses Scarlett’s neck and nibbles her ear playfully. She then licks Scarlett’s back before rimming her more and making sure not to miss the the pussy either. The girls rub each other to another orgasm.

    Karlee lays back and Scarlett rubs her and slides fingers inside her. Karlee clutches at her own bush as she gets pumped. She adds extra rubbing and comes again. Scarlett once more has her taste the wetness from her fingers. The girls kiss more and Scarlett sucks Karlee’s boob before topping her in a second round of tribbing. This goes from gentle to full speed very fast and Karlee comes again letting Scarlett clean her messy fingers. They nuzzle noses sweetly and make out. The two cuddle close kiss as the scene ends.

    This was another great scene. It should come as no surprise to regular readers of my reviews that I would like this. Both of these ladies are basically batting 1000 as far as I’m concerned. I think If you went back and looked at all their collective scenes you wouldn’t find one by either that I rated under 94/100. Even for a normally happy reviewer like myself , scores like that on a consistent basis mean something special.

    This scene is just more proof that both Scarlett and Karlee are among the best in g/g from scene to scene. Their pussy eating styles are for me, what sets them apart from so many; in that they are always enthusiastic and really seem to get the most out of pleasing others.

    The extra little kinky streak doesn’t hurt either. I do love a good rimming and Karlee really went for it with Scarlett in this scene. I sometimes wonder how much of these things are communicated pre scene and how much is stars just knowing a little of what others seem to like and rolling with it.

    I also loved the early breast sucking by Scarlett on Karlee. Karlee has truly spectacular boobs and so they should never be left out of the action.

    If there was one thing that could be improved I would say just to extend the tribbing sessions. Both babes were close to coming at the time they started to top though so I don’t blame them for the quick orgasms.

    The scene here was 41 minutes with minimum setup. Generally speaking I thought the little excuse or crazies in the hotel was kinda silly - that said I do think there is the seed of an interesting idea there. Maybe for a Halloween edition of Twisted Passions something like this could be tried again with more background story? Creepy hotels are always attractive in some way to me - though not every example turns out to me The Shining of course.

    Maybe there could be a story about a guest who comes to the hotel and warns the desk that she has been having night terrors at her new house and came to sleep where people would be around. Then obviously you’d have the front desk girl offer to watch over her and make a move to calm her down or something..

    Again, I am of the opinion that these two should have a rematch soon. They have an easy kind of chemistry that would be great to see grow.


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    Scene Three - Allie Haze & Summer Day

    Scene three starts with Summer and Reagan in bed at night when Summer reaches over to rub Reagan’s stomach. She inches closet to reaching in Reagan’s panties and Reagan’s breath catches. Reagan buries her face into her pillow and clutches her sheets while Summer goes further and actually rubs her sex. This goes on a while and Reagan moans before moving Summer’s hand away and saying they shouldn’t do that. We have seen similar teases to this before - but I think this one stands out as a cut above those others as even in its brevity it is hot!

    The next night Reagan takes Summer to the Lamoyne. They have an appointment with Allie who gets them checked in. They have two rooms but head to Summer’s to wait. When Allie arrives we learn that Reagan has been Summer’s stepmom for five years. They say that they are from Fargo and that Summer recently got busted kissing a girl by her conservative dad. He was pissed so Reagan thought they’d go on a trip for Summer. Allie asks basic questions about Summer’s experience and we hear more about Summer’s feelings. Summer believes she’s gay but hasn’t gone further than kissing.. but Summer gives Reagan a look that tells Allie more than she intends. Reagan doesn’t want to say , but ultimately she tells the story of the previous tease. Allie wants to hear all about it. Allie is pushing to hear the whole thing. After some slow walking Reagan says it all and admits that Summer put her hand down her panties and touched her clit. Allie is finally satisfied and says she wants Reagan to meet with her friend Cherie while Allie and Summer get to know each other. Reagan says that she is only here for Summer. Allie senses there is more there and tells her whatever she does with Cherie is her business.

    Once Reagan leaves Allie locks the door and has Summer sit by her on the bed. She says she’s feeling better now that Reagan has left. This lead in is pretty lengthy at about 17 minutes.

    Allie asks for more details and Summer doesn’t want to say too much but certainly wants to kiss when Allie asks permission. Summer smiles accepts another letting Allie guide her hand to feel her chest through her skirt. Summer gladly starts removing her dress for Allie who kisses her boobs. Soon Allie’s top comes off too and Summer initiates some kissing.

    Allie stands up to remove her skirt and helps Summer with her shoes, moving lower to kiss her legs and feet. Allie rubs Summer’s pussy with her red panties still on making her moan. She then peels them away and asks to lick Summer. Summer consents and Allie goes hard after her sucking clit and rubbing her. She slides two fingers in and we see this pretty good up close. Summer rubs her hands through Allie’s hair as she is pleased and comes from being eaten.

    Summer wants to get in on the giving part of the action and helps take off Allie’s bra. Allie bends forward and Summer admires her add caressing it. Allie turns back to kiss Summer. She then pulls her client down atop her and tells her to do whatever she wants. Summer licks at Allie’s chest and then moves lower spreading her legs. The camera gets a good look at Allie’s bush though I was looking for more tongue on pussy angles which were a little bit obscured. Summer grips thighs and licks pussy. Allie’s leg shakes a little and she heaves as she comes.

    They kiss immediately after this and Summer straddles Allie’s leg which she grinds as she straightens her back. The bed is pretty squeaky Allie rubs Summer as Summer works her grind. She then tells Summer to come sit on her face. Summer obeys. Early on here we get a good look at some tongue on pussy contact and Allie squeezes a tit as she sucks clit. Just as before Summer comes pretty fast. She kisses Allie immediately after the dismount.

    Allie asks what Summer wants to do and she says she wants to make her come again. Allie lays back once more for Summer abc spreads her legs. Summer kisses vagina. There is a good shot of Summer’s eyes as she looks up at Allie eating her. She laps pussy harder and Allie grips her pillow coming. She tells Summer how pretty she is and asks her for a kiss. Allie asks if she’s ever going to do this again, and Summer says definitely as the action comes to a close.

    This seemed unusually short by GFF standards. The lead in was long to be sure but it only left about 27 minutes for the actual sex. I did like parts of the approach to the scene and Allie’s sweet and understanding demeanor. Especially for a client / pro setup where Allie asked Summer so many times if she could go further and what exactly she wanted; although for a slower and considerate style like this to come off best you need a long runtime which this just didn’t have.

    My favorite parts were both instances of Allie eating Summer. The first time with Summer laying down we got a good look at Allie kissing and sucking pussy and the later faceride featured probably the best tongue to pussy contact shots of the scene as a whole.

    Perhaps not surprisingly though most of the individual segments felt very quick. The brief trib is a good example of this.

    Storyline wise I do appreciate the above average amount of details we were given. Not only the tease at the opening which I already said was very good, but even hearing that they drove from Fargo - or anywhere seemingly far away, is an interesting idea as to how people come to the hotel. I also again appreciated the acting and character work from all three. Summer was shy so she didn’t say much but let her caring stepmom Reagan say what she couldn’t get out. And then you have Allie who built on the character she’s had in a few Lamoyne episodes as not only a working girl but one who regards herself as a kind of therapist ( she might even be drawing from her recurring Girlsway character some too).

    Ultimately an okay scene that might have been great if it were given more time and space to play to its strengths better.


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    Scene Four - Cherie DeVille & Reagan Foxx

    The fourth and final scene finds Reagan on the bed with Cherie who wants to hear more of her story. She’s heard that Reagan might be thinking about women and mentions that with her daughter so happy it might be worth a try. Reagan does admit she’s been curious since calling the Lamoyne and she’s having problems with her husband. Cherie says she’s never been with a woman either and if it wasn’t for masturbation she’d be lost. Cherie then leans in and kisses Reagan for the first time.

    Reagan says she wasn’t expecting this but she returns the kisses and they hold hands before kissing harder. Cherie helps Reagan pull off her dress and then inches her bra down to expose her tits which she sucks at hungrily. Cherie hurriedly shimmies out of her own dress and lets her boobs out for a little return attention. The bra comes flying off as Reagan backs Cherie up on the bed kissing her and gently starts to grind against her.

    Reagan lets Cherie up and they giggle as the rest of Reagan’s lingerie is stripped off and she is laid down on her back. Cherie teases Reagan with kisses to her thighs. Her first licks to pussy are slow and deliberate, she spreads Reagan and tastes her. Cherie scores good looking upward licks. There is a good view of Cherie’s determined stare as she eats Reagan. Reagan’s legs go up and she teases. There is a second of disoriented camera movement here but it still looks pretty good.

    Reagan wants to taste herself on Cherie’s lips and so she asks for a kiss. Cherie then gives Reagan a short but hard looking trib grind while she’s still wearing her white panties. Reagan’s hands go to Cherie’s butt and she starts pulling her panties down. Cherie assists and then squats over Reagan’s face and she grinds into Reagan’s mouth. Cherie’s abs look great flexing during parts of this and Reagan sticks her tongue out to let Cherie help her with the faceride fun. Cherie comes and laughs happily.

    Next Cherie is bent over and she asks Reagan to tease her. Reagan approached from behind and rims her asshole a little while rubbing her pussy. Cherie whisper never stop to Reagan as she eats her ass and adds a finger to her sex. Cherie tenses as she comes again.

    Cherie wants to go on the offensive next and has Reagan sit back on the bed with her legs spread where she soon tops her again much like the previous trib but without the panties in the way. They kiss as they rock but it’s again short lived. After this Cherie goes down on Reagan lapping her and sucking clit. This is seen from the side and the cunnilingus contact shots could be better but Reagan’s reactions are good and both laugh in glee. Reagan picks up Cherie’s panties for a sniff in the middle of being eaten. Reagan comes and kisses Cherie telling her to lay down.

    Cherie is glad to oblige. Reagan teases again with kisses to her pussy. The camera switched to be behind Reagan for a moment here but the second side view shows some eating and closes in when Reagan slides two fingers home inside Cherie. Cherie adds a little rubbing of her own and comes. The ladies kiss more and share the wetness from Reagan’s fingers.

    Cherie says she wants to see Reagan play with herself and guides Reagan’s to her pussy as she penetrates herself. Cherie follows this up with some licking and Reagan calls Cherie bad. Cherie breaks out in giggles and lays on her stomach where Reagan mounts the back of her thigh for some grinding and pussy tickling that Cherie responds too with more playful laughter. They kiss and cuddle for a bit and Cherie says she better finish what she started. Reagan returns to tease Cherie with more licks and soft blowing. She finally focuses on the clit and laps hard making the bed creak and Cherie tenses in a shivering big O. Reagan says she doesn’t want to stop and lays next to Cherie and rubs her pussy as she holds her leg up. We see Reagan’s foot shake and she sucks Cherie’s fingers clean triggering more giggles. Reagan calls Cherie bad and playfully spanks her ass pushing her away with her legs. Cherie settles back in sucking Reagan’s breasts and they kiss. Reagan rubs Cherie’s pussy again as they stay lip-locked. Reagan can’t resist scoring a last kiss to her partners sex in the last moments before the credits roll.

    This was a very fun conclusion to the film. It was a full 45 minutes of action with very little time needed to get down to business. It felt needy and urgent the same way that the opener did where the kissing kicked things off and unleashed pent up passion.

    The cunnilingus too featured some pretty good close ups but might have been improved at points. I loved the faceride segment and the ass licking. Cherie’s energy as usual was a major selling point. She remains one of my favorite people to see get pleasured and all her giggling and squirming. Reagan really seemed to like teasing her and that played out very well. This is an interesting point to make after the shortfalls in the previous scene and only reinforces my thinking that you’ve got to let scenes have a long time to develop when the seduction calls for it; but even so I would always err on the side of going long on runtime if I could because no fan of porn is gonna say , hey that was too long! The sex here was fast and hard at times and slow and teasing at others.

    I also liked the hard trib topping by Cherie even in the rather brief spurts it was very good stuff. Extending it would have taken this into A+ territory for me I think.

    As for the story here I am really interested with the idea that Cherie ( who has been in the Lamoyne series several times, always as the dissatisfied wife saying it’s her first lesbian experience) playing some type of game with the blessing of the hotel. Maybe she should be revealed to be a kind of specialist to new shy women who lies about being as inexperienced to help them open up. All the while the workers know she’s not new to lesbianism and assist in setting up the clients for the ride of their life. There is something really hot about that playful deception.

    I would love to see a sequel to scene threes opening where Reagan and Summer go home to the farm and Reagan as a newly awakened lesbian actually initiates sex with Summer. Cherie and Giselle Palmer also seem like a match up made in taboo heaven for some time in the future.


    Total Grade Average = 94% or A.

    Final Thoughts & Suggestions

    This was a very worthwhile release with above average story too. It’s one where most all of my dream pairings can be just pairing swaps which always says something good about the DVD. Three of the four were such high energy romps. The exception scene three was a sweet style seduction but unfortunately had the shortest time when it probably needed the longest space to achieve what it could have. Still a very good movie overall.

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    Big thank you for sharing this finger lickin' good review CL, it's always a pleasure to discover these scenes one lick at a time. Really happy that Dan decided to bring back the Lamoyne, super smart move on his part.

    Man, that Giselle-Aidra scene sounds like a classic. Just wow. I had to read it twice. From the super realistic and cute storyline (with a superb positive message) to the hot sex, to the I love you....sounds like a flawless scene. I have never seen Giselle in action but I remember you saying she is a gem and truly one of the best new starlets seen recently on Dan's set, I'm super interested to see more of her now. And everything you said about Aidra is right on the money, that girl is always genuine and passionate and intense. She is basically a younger version of Dana Dearmond in a way (and she even looks like her).

    " because the local mental institution got defunded and right now there are a bunch of crazies being housed at the hotel! Scarlett says Karlee shouldn’t risk being raped or murdered out there. "

    LOL this is GOLD, such a brilliant scenario! It legit made me laugh, it sounds like something out of Road Queen (with Jenna the gossipy clerk). By far one of the best description ever written here on the forum, just reading it makes me explode in laughter. I need to see that soon.

    That tease between mother-daughter is just brilliant, but man I know I'd be super upset to see this without having a proper scene to watch right after haha. Hopefully they'll shoot a sequel at some point, either directly (following the same plot and characters) or indirectly (unrelated storyline but allowing the viewer to see it as being a sequel to this movie). The only thing bothering me is the difference in hair color but it's of course not a big deal if the actresses are really into the script and are selling the taboo well.

    I love the possible link between this movie and
    Mom's Shrink (because of Allie being a therapist), highly interesting!

    And back in January a friend and I binge-watched the first two seasons of
    Fargo on Netflix, I marked out when I saw that Dan used the city as part of his writing. I wonder if he saw the movie or series? I'd bet my next spinner on it!

    VOTES :
    1. I voted for Giselle-Aidra as my favorite scene. My mind was set as soon as I read I love you.
    2. I voted for both taboo scenes as dream scenarios. Still keeping my hopes up for GFF to wake up and give us more taboo. Please god.

    Thank you CL, always appreciated and I can't wait for your next review buddy.
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    Thanks as always Blue. I totally agree about Dana and Aidra I’ve thought that for a long time. I’m sure I’ve suggested them as a taboo pair before.

    The mention of the crazies by Scarlett actually had the feel that she may have just came up with it on the fly. I would absolutely love for it to be expanded in a combo Lamoyne / Psychodramas episode. I would be all for some insanity tinged ravenous sex scenes. Maybe Dana could play Aidra’s stepmom there too. She was so good in Skow’s Bad Lesbian : Asylum

    And I’ve said this before but you absolutely need to see Giselle, I know your taste enough to say you’ll flip for her. I got the newest DVDs today and the new Psychodramas is a full slate of dream pairs including Giselle and Elsa , Kristen and Georgia and Dana in two scenes w/ Ayumi Anime & Summer Day.

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