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Thread: Toys???

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    I just watched PMML1 last night, and I have to say Veronica Avluv's strapon scene with Zoey Holloway was amazingly good. Veronica really knew how to use that strapon well.

    It also featured a butt plug on the strapon. Too bad we didn't see that being inserted. I suspect there were awkward/silly moments in the process and that's why it was cut. (Because real sex is often awkward and silly. Unlike porn.)

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    Lesbian Sex Education Strap-On

    Quote Originally Posted by Amo Cinaedae View Post
    Dan you surely remember how little Brianna Love took on Deauxma with a strap-on in RQ1! As we used to say its's not the size but the pile driving ass behind it that counts!

    Totally agree. The smaller Chastity Lynn doing Elexis Monroe with a strap-on in Lesbian Sex volume 5.

    Quote Originally Posted by jamesbond View Post
    As pointed out already by shylafan camera angle variation is a good idea although care has to be taken so as not to jump from shot to shot too quickly. I don't see this as a problem given past precedent.

    Keeping both performers in frame especially the receiver's face and body in particular make for a good shot.

    If a mid range shot is used with receiver on her back with her head towards the left of the screen her body along with the strap gets centered with the giver able to thrust away.

    Another good shot is doggy from again mid range to close range this allows for the giver to grab a handful of hair while going at it.

    A few other things as well: good sound, good communication between performers, kissing, pausing to catch breath and cuddling and or going to the clit or fingering for different sensation before returning to the strap and variation in speed and depth of thrusting.

    The isolation reaction shot of the receiver filling the screen when the shot lingers for more than 1-2 seconds should be avoided. It could be a reaction shot to anything. Without the strap or anything to give context it is a complete waste of time and breaks the rhythm of the scene.

    Performers unable to make the strap an extension of themselves make for difficult viewing. If they can't thrust convincingly it is difficult to hide. The receiver is cheated and so are those watching.
    It is kind of sad to see that the wearer is holding the dildo during penetration. Look mom no hands. Using a strap-on gives you freedom to use your hands for all those other things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Carthoris View Post
    In the few occasions I've seen, I've found GFF's handling of strapons to be rather good.

    One that comes to mind is how Raquel Sieb did a good job of making the strapon an integral and important part of the scene with Jessie Parker in LS49, and sensually drew out its presentation from her bag.

    As for actually using it, yeah, it does require some strength. Having been there while a mutual girlfriend fucked my girlfriend with a strapon, it was pointed out just how much strength guys must have to keep thrusting away like we do. Also, they do take some practice to use well (just like a real penis). A hip-rolling motion may yield better results for both fucker and fuckee, than straight pounding away.

    As for how to video one in a sensual manner... all I can think of is "don't emulate gonzo porn where the guy bangs away for 5 minutes straight in the same position while the woman being fucked overacts and moans too loud". Use the strapon as a way to connect (or a way to dominate, as Zoey did to Lily in PMML3). Don't focus on the strapon, focus on the rest of the bodies. I think GFF does a pretty good job of this already.
    Check out the movie Lesbian Sex Education Strap-On. The action doesn't all take place in the bedroom and you see the performers in different positions. Too bad that there is only one scene, where the wearer also receives. Would like to see that more. Scenes where they both wear the strap-on.

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    There are plenty of suitable toys that could be utilized. The Sybian is underutilized as well as the butterfly and many others. The same old SO is just plain boring.

    For instance, when the girls are sitting around talking, one could be using the butterfly while taking w/o the others knowing about it. Maybe an MDEC thing? Lots of ways to use these items w/o overdoing it.

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