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Thread: Development of sexual interests

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    Stockings, Pantyhose & Lingerie

    Reading FORUM members comments on this subject I had an "Aha!" moment. It occurred to me that the appeal of lingerie and hose may be age related! Porn in the 1950's for instance (magazines only, not films) consisted of models in lingerie and stockings - never naked). You could see "porn" in Sears catalog (underwear section). Ask Dan! If I couldn't get a magazine, I always had my mother's Sears catalog for you know what!

    Real life fascination came when you could accidentally see the tops of girls' stockings (and even her garters)! Stockings and lingerie were our porn. When stocking were replaced by pantyhose a lot of the fascination went away because there was no longer a thrill to looking up skirts!
    That's why guys my age are still fascinated by girls in lingerie.

    Nevertheless I am still awed by beautiful legs in pantyhose. Pantyhose can even make less than beautiful legs sexy. I also admit to some level of foot fetishism. Nylon makes every woman's feet look sexy! I love it when the GFF camera focusses for a few minutes on the nylon encases foot!

    That's why I love stockings, pantyhose and lingerie!

    Cheers Amoi

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    Quote Originally Posted by GFFnews View Post
    I made a brief mention of it in an earlier posting I did in this thread, but I want to again bring up the padded bra. They don't allow for any nipple show-thru and the cup shape is always the same. If you see a sheer or unpadded bra in a GFF scene, it is most likely the result of my having lectured the poor girl when she previously showed up with only padded bras. Look at Jelena Jensen's bras...she got the message a long time ago and never bring anything but sheer bras to GFF shoots.

    As for panties, I think thongs look good on younger girls with hard bodies, such as Lena Nicole. However, I prefer full-coverage panties on larger and/or older girls. "Bring full-coverage panties" is on every call-sheet we send out.

    And I'm glad to hear of others who used the Sears and Montgomer-Ward catalogs for illicit I don't feel like such a perv.
    Well, I believe you are in luck then because Victoria's Secret has announced that the "new sexy" is unpadded bras. Personally I felt it a bit presumptuous of the company to dictate what is or isn't sexy, but, thought you might like to hear no padding is making a comeback.

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