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    early porn

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    When I became interested in porn, there was no such thing as video porn. I had seen a few 8mm reels that were awful. You older guys might remember some of those. The one I remember is one where an ugly guy screwed an ugly girl and never even thought to take off his shoes!

    When video porn (VHS) came out in the late 1970s or early 1980's (and I bought a VHS palter for $625), I discovered that after a few showings by Aunt Peg or Georgina Spelvin i realized immediately that after seeing four or five boy/girl scenes that I became immediately bored - how many times can one watch ugly guys with big dicks doing the same thing over and over again.

    The only saving grace to those films was that they usually included one girl/girl scene (my first was something called "A Day in the Life of Audrey Hollander", (supposedly then known as "The Happy Hooker"). After that I began to seek out better films with good girl/girl scenes. In the early 1990's I discovered a title called The Dinner Party. It wasn't all girl/girl but had some really great girl/girl scenes with Debi Diamond, Celeste and some other beautiful women into women. But buying VHS tapes by title was awful hit and miss, mostly miss.

    One day in 2002 I walked into a video store in Phoenix and rented two videos from a new company. "Tara Wild and Her Girlfriends" and "Women Seeking Women 1" by a new company called Girlfriends Films made me a believer immediately. A week later I rented WSW2 and Dressing Room Lingerie. I have been hooked for over 15 years and have seen (and mostly own) virtually every title GFF has produced. You know the rest of my story. I have been a Forum member since it began and have visited the GFF booth at AEE every year since 2007.

    I go back to the early days of 8mm porn seen some of Lynda Lovelace's early stuff she did some pretty nasty things and a lot of the early girl/girl movies did not have passion the women in those were probably not into women just doing it for the money when I first saw a GFF DVD that was the first time I ever saw any passion happening between the performers i.e. heavy breathing pelvic pumping and such porn has come along way since the 60's.

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    First time seeing it or first time being entertained from it? I think that's an important distinction.

    First time for me was high school, there was a party, someone whipped out this video that looked shady, no label, plain box, etc. It was extremely hardcore and I don't even know how legitimate it was, it literally looked like it was a home video or something, but it was a couple of American guys picking up women in what I'm guessing to be south America, could have been one country or multiple, not sure. Anyway it was traumatic! I was disgusted and went home feeling I'll and had nothing to do with adult related anything until 3 or 4 years ago.

    First time I enjoyed it was when I had a s.o ask me to watch some video clips with him, standard mainstream porn I guess, nothing memorable until the scene I was expecting to hate, always considered myself 100% hetero, so the idea of 2 girls in this medical fantasy scenario was weird but, I'm a good sport so went along with it. Very much to my surprise I thought it was the hottest thing ever and became an instant fan.

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